To order awards or inquire about pricing, please send an e-mail to! Free shipping does NOT apply to award orders!


2021 Award Pricing Info:

All pricing listed below is the base price which includes a reasonable amount of stamping or branding and plain hardware (if the item includes hardware). Any bling, spots, design upgrades or extra conchos will cause the price to increase. You must order at least 10 items to get the pricing shown here. Doesn't have to be 10 of the same items, just at least 10 items for your order. Please give me plenty of heads up on your order (depending on the size, 8-10 weeks ahead of time is preferred). Don't hesitate to contact if you need something sooner, sometimes I can fit things in but sometimes I can't. We only accept PayPal or credit card for awards. We no longer accept checks due to past problems.

*PLEASE...if you tell me a date you need your items by, know that my plan is to have them to you at least a day before. If you're wanting a few days or a week before your event to get things in and tagged/organized, please tell me that when you place the order. I plan out specific time slots for awards and it's extremely hard and stressful to move things around when someone messages last minute assuming I'm getting things done sooner than originally stated.*

We prefer to keep lettering to 10 characters or less. Additional charges will apply to more characters!

-Wither Straps: $65

-Bit Guards: $30

-Spur Straps: $70

-Nylon Bronc Halter: $75

-Rope Bronc Halter: $70

-Just Bronc Noseband (No Halter): $60

-One Ear Headstall: $95

-Browband Headstall: $110

-Breast Collar: $250

-Quirts with Stamped Poppers (whips): 9 or less characters on each side- $35, 10-14 characters- $40, 15+ characters- $45

-Water Bottle Holder: $65

-Saddle Blanket with Corner Patch: $95

-Tie Down Noseband: $95

-Brushes with Stamped Handles: $28

-Saddle Crosses: $30

-Hoof Pick Holder: $55

-Tie Down Keeper: $25

-Cell Phone Holder/Saddle Pouch: $65

-Hat w/ Small Patch: $35

-Hat w/ Large Patch: $45

-10' Leadropes with Stamped Poppers: 9 or less characters on each side- $28, 10-14 characters- $35, 15+ characters- $40

Shipping is NOT included in these prices! Shipping will run $10-$500 depending on the size of the order. International orders will be more.

If you see something that isn't listed or have an idea, please feel free to run it by me!