Belt Style Headstall

Our belt style headstalls are 1 1/2" wide and measure 40" from bit end to bit end on the average sized hole. We can make them longer/shorter or thinner. Just let us know in the special instructions box if needed. They include a buckle of your choice and 2 plain conchos at bit ends and 1 at the ear piece. They're made from real leather and hides, not cheapo belts we chop up to make into dangerous headgear for you horse!

*One thing I personally would like to say about belt headstalls is if you're riding in a hackmore (such as a little s) or some other bit that moves up on your horse's face when you pull on the reins, you probably want to get a throatlatch to keep your headstall from coming off. If using a belt headstall (or even just a one or double ear headstall) at any time, always make sure your bit is adjusted correctly so the headstall doesn't flop off.


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Plain Leather
Hide Covered