Decals are made from premium vinyl and stick to most smooth hard surfaces (vehicles, laptops, water bottles, etc) These are not something we take custom orders on. Just an extra item we sometimes have available. These are sold as-is. Not changes in size, print, shape, etc!

To attach:
-Clean and dry the item/area you're planning on putting decal on. Make sure the temp is at least 60 degree F
-Remove the paper backing
-Stick the decal onto the item and rub to get it to stick (you can do this with your hand or I highly reccomend an old credit card)
-Carefully peel the transfer sheet off. Make sure the decal is not sticking to it as you pull. If it is, put it back down and try rubbing some more.

Watercolor Cactus 6x5” (out of stock)
Black/White Cactus 5.5x4” (1 in stock)
Succulent 6x5” (1 in stock)
Cactus 6x5” (1 in stock)